Open source contributions

Plex Plugins and Plex Roku Client

Plex is a media centre ecosystem consisting of the Plex Media Server plus a number of clients allowing playback of centralised media on numerous platforms. I've made contributions to Plex in two places:

  • Development of numerous media server plugins facilitating playback of streaming video and audio from web based sources. Examples of the plugins I developed were Mpora, Freecaster, Earth Touch and Trailer Addict. In addition I maintained a number of plugins, such as The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, in the face of changing source data.
  • Development of the first version of the Plex client for Roku which has since been improved and extended.

JIDE Software and Spring RCP Integration

This open source code aimed to integrate the following two software products:

  • Spring Rich Client, a sub-project of the Spring Framework, aimed at providing an elegant way to build highly-configurable, GUI-standards-following rich client applications faster by leveraging the Spring Framework, and a rich library of UI factories and support classes. While still in early development I have found the code-base extremely useful when developing Swing based applications.
  • JIDE Software is a leading provider of professional Swing components, in particular a powerful docking implementation.

The integration code is split into the following areas:

  • The majority of the code provides an implementation of the Spring RCP concepts of multiple page per application and multiple view per page, using the JIDE docking framework as the underlying engine.
  • A number of Spring RCP data binders to JIDE data entry controls are provided.
  • Integration of some JIDE components into the Spring RCP framework.
  • A simple demonstration application that implements a simple rich client interface to Google search web services.

The project started life as a standalone codebase but was eventually integrated into the Spring RCP core.

Hudson Polarion Plugin

This plugin to the Hudson continuous integration engine allows the web based subversion browser, WebClient for SVN, to be used as the source code repository browser.

Bio Browser

Bio Browser is a Swing based application for the searching and browsing of the Cancer Bioinformatics Infrastructure Objects (caBIO) domain model. The caBIO web services have deprecated by the NCI but the code is still available for reference purposes.


  • Ability to search for caBIO domain model objects.
  • View search results as an interactive tree and static XML document.
  • Navigate to related objects by following xlinks embedded in the search result document.
  • Open pathway diagrams rendered from the underlying SVG document.

Further details, including the Subversion source code repository, can be found on the project page.

Contact email: jonny at jonnywray dot com